Zinc Fertilizer Tips for Corn

By Wolf Trax

The Value of Zinc to Your Corn Crop

When commodity prices are low, it might be tempting to cut back. But cutting back on zinc can be costly. Zinc is important for early root development, crop health and yield potential. Access to zinc early helps a crop withstand stress. Effective zinc fertilizer can be a small part of your budget but can have a big impact on your bottom line.

If you already include a zinc source in a liquid starter fertilizer, that is a good step toward providing early-season zinc. However, some independent field trials have suggested that most liquid starters do not provide enough zinc for all seasons in fields with a known deficiency. If the liquid starter is the only zinc fertilizer source for your field, you may not be replenishing the crop removal rate. Eventually, you will most likely be drawing down your soil’s zinc levels.

Which Corn Fields Need Zinc Fertilizer?

While not all fields require zinc, here are some guidelines on whether your farming practices and soils might benefit from a zinc fertilizer application:

  1. Planting earlier, especially into cool and wet soils means immobile nutrients, like zinc, can be less available.
  2. Coarse textured soils tend to limit zinc uptake.
  3. High pH soils tend to limit zinc uptake, too.
  4. High-performance corn genetics can remove up to 27% more zinc than non-rootworm resistant hybrids.

If any of these factors apply to your farm, you may want to think about using zinc fertilizer for corn.

The Right Time to Apply Zinc

If your cornfield needs a zinc fertilizer application, when is the best time to apply?

Waiting to see if a zinc deficiency comes up in-season is not ideal. Having to apply a rescue treatment of zinc in-season means you’ve already lost yield. Additionally, foliar applications can be expensive. Being proactive with a pre-plant soil application is the right approach to address deficiencies before they impact your crop.

The Right Zinc Fertilizer Tool

Not all zinc fertilizer products are equal. Choosing the right zinc fertilizer impacts your crops and the bottom line.

Wolf Trax® Zinc DDP® coats onto N-P-K blends using your dry fertilizer as a delivery system. With EvenCoat® Technology, each fertilizer granule is uniformly coated with zinc for blanket-like distribution across the field, placing nutrients closer to the plants’ roots for easier and earlier access. Field-proven and recognized by growers and fertilizer retailers around the world as doing a better job of delivering crop nutrition than traditional granule fertilizers, Wolf Trax offers a smarter way to apply zinc, and that’s a better value for your farm.


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