Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients Safe on High-Value Orchard Crops

By Wolf Trax

Orchard researchers in the U.S. and Canada have found Wolf Trax DDP® Nutrients to be effective when sprayed on orchard crops, both in terms of uptake and crop safety. Wolf Trax DDP products are also less corrosive on machinery than traditional products such as calcium chloride.

Because fruit growers often apply micronutrients several times throughout the growing season, they require two things – confidence that the micronutrient will get into the fruit (uptake) and knowledge that the micronutrient will not harm or burn the fruit. Wolf Trax® DDP Nutrients have been proven effective on both counts.

A study conducted at the University of Arizona shows significantly increased uptake for Wolf Trax Manganese DDP, Zinc DDP and Iron DDP on lemons – one, two and even 20 weeks after application.

Further, the Wolf Trax DDP nutrients were shown to significantly increase uptake over the standard sulfate treatments.

Researchers in British Columbia, Canada, demonstrated a similar uptake advantage for Wolf Trax Calcium DDP in apples, over the traditional calcium carbonate treatments.

One tester said: “We did a trial where we applied Wolf Trax Calcium DDP in comparison with the standard calcium chloride. The uptake of the Calcium DDP was right in there. I’ve actually used it on my own orchard now for two years straight, and it’s working fine.”

Wolf Trax DDP products have also proven to be safe. Part of the objective of the University of Arizona study was to look at potential for crop injury. Researchers safely sprayed the lemon leaves under high-stress conditions. Temperatures ran into the high 90s F (+40 C). Even when twice the rate was used under high temperatures, researchers recorded no damage to the lemon leaves.

Researchers in British Columbia were equally vigorous in testing the safety of Wolf Trax Calcium DDP micronutrients on apples.

The tester also shared: “We get a fairly hot, dry summer out here, and conventional products like calcium chloride cause burning and leaf injury. I mixed up some backpacks of Wolf Trax Calcium DDP and went out on the hottest day of the year and sprayed at 2 p.m., which would be the worst-case scenario for any application of any product. I did concentrated rates, and then I did diluted rates. I sprayed individual trees and different varieties, some more susceptible and not susceptible. I did pears as well because their leaves are easily damaged. I did everything I could, and I couldn’t create any damage at all. I went back days and weeks later and couldn’t find any damage.”

With this proven enhanced uptake and excellent crop safety, Wolf Trax DDP micronutrients can help orchard growers improve their profits.

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