The Micronutrient Fertilizer Products Report Card Webinar is Now On-Demand

By Wolf Trax

Paul Reising, micronutrient product manager for Compass Minerals, recently presented a CropLife webinar, “The Fertilizer Report Card: Do Your Soil-Applied Micronutrients Make the Grade?” The webinar is now available for on-demand viewing on the CropLife website. CCAs can earn 0.5 CEU credit just by watching the webinar.

In the webinar, Paul assessed four different types of soil-applied micronutrient products used in dry fertilizer programs. Each product type was graded in categories that matter to farmer satisfaction (agronomic performance) and retailer operations. Paul takes the time to explain how each grade was assigned. Spoiler alert: none of the products received straight-A’s!

The four types of micronutrient fertilizer products that Paul graded were:

  1. granular micronutrients,
  2. macronutrient granules that include micronutrients (all-in-ones),
  3. dry dispersible powder (DDP) fertilizer coatings,
  4. and liquid fertilizer coatings.

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For a one-page summary of the Fertilizer Report Card, click here.

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