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Rice Micronutrient Guide

Adequate levels of zinc are necessary in rice production to ensure proper growth, development and reproduction. Zinc deficiencies in U.S. rice production have been well documented with reported yield losses between 10% and 60%. The average-yielding crop in the U.S. removes 0.3 lb/ac of zinc with the grain. It’s important to keep this nutrient in mind when designing a balanced fertility program.

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Field Insights Issue 19: Nu-Trax P+ Increases Yields in Rice

In 2015, a replicated field study was conducted in California to evaluate the potential for Nu-Trax P+ in rice production. Under the conditions of this study, significant early-season growth benefits provided by Nu-Trax P+ tended to increase yields as compared to all other fertilizer treatments.

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Field Insights Issue 2: Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients Improve Rice Yield in Nicaragua

A study was conducted in Chontales, Nicaragua in 2015 to evaluate the performance of Wolf Trax Innovative Nutrients on rice. This study showed that micronutrients gave significantly better yields over an NPK blend with no micros and that DDPs outperformed traditional granular micronutrients. Mg, Zn and Fe DDP s coated onto the NPK blend dramatically improved yields by 14%, 25% and 36%, respectively over a traditional NPK blend, thus optimizing rice yield and return on investment.

Tags: Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Rice

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