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Canola Micronutrient Guide

Boron is essential for pollination and seed production in canola, so it’s important to keep this nutrient in mind. Adequate levels of boron in canola are also necessary for proper cell wall formation, root development and pollen tube fertilization. Delivering boron when and where the plant needs the nutrient will help you reach the full yield potential of your hybrid.

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Field Insights Issue 25: Nu-Trax P+ and Boron DDP Increase Canola Yields in Western Canada_Ag In Motion 2016

A side-by-side field demonstration was conducted at the 2016 Ag in Motion Event in Saskatoon, SK to evaluate the benefits of Nu-Trax P+ as part of an early-season fertilizer program for canola production. Wolf Trax Boron DDP® was also included in the program. Under the conditions of this study, Nu-Trax P+ and Boron DDP resulted in a yield increase of 2 bu/ac over the control.

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