Study: Wolf Trax shown to deliver even distribution of nutrients across field

By Wolf Trax

In a head-to-head study against granular fertilizer, Wolf Trax™ DDP® was proven to have less variability in distribution, delivering significantly more micronutrient placement over the field.

An independent researcher tested the field distribution of Wolf Trax Zinc DDP against granular Zinc sulfate. The results show the clear benefit of the blanket-like distribution achieved with Wolf Trax Zinc DDP onto dry fertilizer.

Using tarps to measure the application rate of Wolf Trax Zinc DDP vs. granular Zinc sulfate, testing accuracy and distribution over a 10-acre field. Fertilizer label application rates:

  • 2 pounds of zinc per acre as granular zinc sulfate
  • 0.22 pounds of zinc per acre as Wolf Trax Zinc DDP

A field in Nebraska. However, these results are not location-specific.

By coating each and every granule in a fertilizer blend, DDP Nutrients are placed closer to the roots for easier access and earlier plant availability. The improved distribution means nutrients are applied at rates that more closely align with what the plant really needs…a better use of every fertilizer dollar.

With exclusive EvenCoat™ technology, Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients coat every granule of a fertilizer blend, which has two benefits for farmers utilizing granular N, P, K and S:

  • More consistent fertilizer blends
  • Better in-field distribution of nutrients

The PlantActiv™ formulation employs sophisticated manufacturing techniques, similar to those used in making crop protection products, to make the Wolf Trax Nutrients simply more effective.

  • The particle shape and size of Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients is optimal for plant uptake
  • The nutrients are formulated to resist soil tie-up and remain plant-available

Wolf Trax Zinc DDP with EvenCoat™ Technology has been delivering consistent fertilizer blends to farmers for more than 10 years. Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients gives the right source of micronutrients, at the right rate, the right time and the right place. Backed by a performance guarantee, Wolf Trax products simplify nutrient management and boost crop performance.

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