Study: Nu-Trax P+® on onion production

By Wolf Trax

Nu-Trax P+® (4-25-0; 5% Mn, 20% Zn) coats each granule of a dry fertilizer blend, placing highly available, critical nutrients closer to plant roots.

Determine the effect of Nu-Trax P+ on ‘White Sweet Spanish’ onion yield, sizing and nutrient uptake.

Nu-Trax P+ was applied as a dry powder to coat a fertilizer blend carrier. This treatment was compared to the grower standard practice (GSP). Trial design was a small plot RCBD with 4 replications. Trial work was completed by Dr. Bielinski Santos, in Gilroy, CA.


Nu-Trax P+ is part of the Wolf Trax® DDP® lineup of nutrients recognized by fertilizer retailers and growers around the world as doing a better job of delivering essential macro and micronutrients than traditional granular fertilizers. Formulated as a Dry Dispersible Powder (DDP) and designed to coat onto dry fertilizer blends, Wolf Trax DDP nutrients use patented technologies to provide improved nutrient availability to plants, simply fertility management and maximize fertilizer investment.

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