New Remote Start System Makes Blending with Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients Faster and Easier

By Wolf Trax

New fertilizer handling equipment developed by Compass Minerals makes blending easier and faster for facilities working with Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients. The HeftyPak Remote Start Dispensing System combines multiple technologies to ensure that an accurate amount of micronutrient is added to a load by the touch of a button. And that button can be in the cab of a front-end loader.

This video shows how the HeftyPak Remote Start System works at a real-life blending facility, a Crop Production Services (CPS) location in Donalsonville, Georgia.

HeftyPak drums are ideal for batch blending facilities handling large volumes of DDP Nutrients. Depending on the product, HeftyPak drums vary in weight from 265 to 425 pounds.

The HeftyPak Remote Start Dispensing System utilizes a loss-in-weight feeder to accurately measure and dispense DDP Nutrients onto a loader bucket. With the help of an automation system, an operator just needs to follow these steps:

  • Enter the amount of Wolf Trax product needed per load into digital system attached to HeftyPak feeder.
  • Fill loader bucket with granular fertilizer.
  • Push remote control button from loader seat. Pre-set target weight of Wolf Trax product will dispense onto the granular fertilizer in bucket. Feeder will automatically stop.
  • Repeat as needed without leaving loader seat!

The HeftyPak Remote Start Dispensing System is the latest of many fertilizer handling equipment innovations developed recently by Compass Minerals. With many customizable equipment options, Compass Minerals works with blending facilities of all sizes to make blending easy, quick and efficient with Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients.

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