Reasons to Apply Zinc Fertilizer for Corn in the Fall

By Wolf Trax

Here are four reasons why farmers should apply Wolf Trax Zinc DDP® – a proven zinc fertilizer for corn – with this fall’s P-K applications.

1- Protect Your Corn Yield by Feeding the Zinc Your Corn Needs

Zinc is an important nutrient for corn. Being proactive with a pre-plant soil application is the right approach because you address deficiencies before they impact your crop.

Soil test summaries from the International Plant Nutrition Institute suggest, however, that zinc nutrient levels are being neglected in many corn-growing states. Last year more than half of all the soil tests analyzed for Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, South Dakota and Tennessee showed low zinc levels.



Uncorrected soil zinc deficiencies are causing in-season crop deficiencies. In 2016, United Suppliers, now part of Winfield US, analyzed more than 2,800 corn tissue samples in its Nutra-Links® program. Almost half of those tissue samples – 47 percent – were low or very low in zinc.

2- Supplement your Liquid Starter Affordably

Recent trial work suggests that the zinc content of most liquid starter fertilizers is too low for high-yielding corn fields, especially where soils have low zinc levels. (For more information on the field trial, read the article, “Does Your Liquid Starter Fertilizer for Corn Provide Enough Zinc?”) Adding more zinc to a liquid starter product is expensive. A more affordable option is to add Wolf Trax Zinc DDP to a dry fertilizer application.

3- Add Zinc to an Existing Dry Fertilizer Application

You’re already paying for the spreader to drive through the field applying P and K. Make the most of this application by adding a proven zinc fertilizer coating. With EvenCoat™ Technology, Wolf Trax Zinc DDP® coats onto dry fertilizer granules during the blending process. This results in a blanket-like distribution of zinc across the field, close proximity to the plant roots and early plant uptake.

Early plant uptake of zinc enhances root development, water utilization and yield potential.

Zinc DDP works well in Variable Rate Technology (VRT) applications. Retailers can talk with their Compass Minerals rep for guidelines on applying Zinc DDP with VRT.

4- Wolf Trax Zinc DDP is Backed by the Industry’s Only Growing Forward® Guarantee

Zinc DDP is guaranteed to correct a zinc deficiency when applied at the recommended rates, or product will be provided at no cost to you.

If your corn field will need a zinc application next season, ask your fertilizer retailer to add Wolf Trax Zinc DDP to your fall P-K blend now. Tweet us your questions at @WolfTraxInc or comment on this blog.

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