Canadian Presenting On Agricultural Innovation To Zinc Industry

Wolf Trax to speak to International Zinc Association

WINNIPEG, Manitoba – Feb. 26, 2012 – Attendees of an international conference for zinc miners, refiners and manufacturers will learn how a Winnipeg-based company developed an innovative fertilizer product to improve zinc uptake in farmers’ crops. The International Zinc Association is hosting Kerry Green, managing director of Wolf Trax, at the International Zinc Conference. On Feb. 27, 2013, Green’s presentation will focus on his company’s Zinc DDP® and its use worldwide.

Micronutrients, and especially zinc, are important to human nutrition and crop production in many parts of the world where soils are lacking those nutrients. Although needed in small amounts, micronutrients play vital roles in plant growth, and early-season deficiencies can lower yield potential.

Applications of older micronutrient technology were inefficient, and therefore often ineffective. Because micronutrients are needed in small amounts, their concentration in a fertilizer blend is tiny compared to macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). When spread in a field with the fertilizer blend, traditional granular micronutrients were sparsely distributed, and many plants could not access the needed nutrient.

DDP Nutrients developed by Wolf Trax feature a patented, scientifically-engineered coating technology that is formulated to coat and stick to every granule of macronutrient fertilizer in a blend. This technology results in even, blanket-like coverage of micronutrient across a field and more feeding sites for earlier, easier access by plant roots.

In addition to improving placement throughout the field, Wolf Trax also worked to optimize plant availability. The patented Dual Action™ Formulation in DDP Nutrients provides immediate availability for plant uptake, along with extended feeding over time.

The better distribution and improved nutrient availability combine to result in on-time delivery of nutrients when the crop needs them.

“I look forward to introducing our technology, developed right here in Winnipeg, to this international audience of scientists and industrialists,” says Green. “Zinc is an important nutrient for world food production. It is exciting to be part the industry that helps to provide zinc for crop production and to explain how our technology can help to apply that zinc more efficiently and effectively.”

In October 2012, Green and Wolf Trax co-owner Geoff Gyles received the Innovation Award from the Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation for developing DDP Technology. The Manning awards have recognized the best of Canada innovators for 31 years.

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