Wolf Trax Expands Nutrient Expertise For Fruit, Nut And Vegetable Crops

Team adds 65 combined years of experience in agronomy, sales and production agriculture

WINNIPEG, Manitoba – March 25, 2013 – Because commercial fruit, nut and vegetable growers have unique and complex needs, Wolf Trax has expanded its team to support these growers and their nutrient management programs.

 “Wolf Trax employees are experts in plant nutrition, and our newest team members are no exception,” says Kerry Green, managing director with Wolf Trax. “All three have extensive backgrounds in horticultural crops and understand the challenges of vegetable and fruit production.”

Jeff Baublits – sales manager – focuses solely on supporting American fruit and vegetable growers. Based in California, he comes to Wolf Trax from Grimmway Farms, one of the largest vegetable companies in the western U.S. At Grimmway Farms, Baublits was responsible for field fertility recommendations, soil sampling and chemical application assistance. His experience spans agronomy, environmental compliance, new product assessment and research. Aninternational certified crop advisor, Baublits earned a master’s degree in horticulture and crop science from Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo. His crops expertise includes carrots, herbs, peppers, potatoes, strawberries and tomatoes.

Ken Kelly – sales manager, California and Southwestern U.S. – focuses on sales and technical support for distributors and retailers in his territory. Kelly has extensive sales and agronomy experience in the California agriculture, turf and ornamental industries. With a background mainly in plant health, he focused most recently on nutrients and bio-stimulants. Just some of the crops he has worked with are avocados, citrus and grapes. Kelly has been a certified pest control advisor (PCA) for nearly 25 years and has a qualified applicator license.

Geoffrey McInnes – sales manager, Pacific Northwest – provides sales and technical support to distributors, retailers and growers. He has 30 years of consulting experience throughout California, the Intermountain West and the Pacific Northwest in both organic and conventional production of more than 85 crops. A PCA and certified crop advisor, McInnes diagnosed problems and recommended solutions for disease, nutrition, pests and water management.

 Baublits, Kelly and McInnes support two Wolf Trax technologies that have numerous benefits for fruit, nut and vegetable production:

·         DDP® Nutrients are secondary nutrient and micronutrient products with patented technology that improves crop uptake. DDP Nutrients can coat dry fertilizer, mix with liquid fertilizer or be used in foliar applications. The full line of products is scientifically formulated to deliver nutrients on-time, when crops need them, with immediate availability along with extended feeding.

·         PROTINUS® Seed Nutrition is a seed-applied fertilizer that provides an early nutrient boost for young plants. Technology that’s light years ahead, PROTINUS results in earlier, more even emergence; larger seedlings; longer and more developed root systems; and a better ability to withstand early-season stress.

To connect with one of the Wolf Trax support team members, click on “Contact Us” on www.wolftrax.com or call (855) 237-9653.

For more information, contact:

Collin Gyles

Western sales director

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