Count On Wolf Trax Zinc DDP For Reliable Zinc Supply

If you sell granular zinc sulfate, you may have trouble finding good-quality, reasonably priced supply this spring.

With Agrium’s decision to stop producing zinc sulfate domestically and lower production in Asia, the fertilizer market is experiencing a shortage for the beginning of the 2015 growing season. Retailers may face slow delivery or may have to turn to Chinese-sourced product, if they want to continue using zinc sulfate.

“Internal tests have indicated that some Chinese-sourced zinc sulfate has been inconsistent in size with many fines,” says Paul Reising, Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients product manager. “Chemical analysis also indicated high heavy metal content.”

Instead of facing higher-priced, possibly inferior quality zinc sulfate, consider Wolf Trax Zinc DDP.

Compass Minerals has a strong, readily-available supply of the specially formulated zinc fertilizer that works ideally with dry fertilizer applications. Wolf Trax Zinc DDP is high-analysis with 62 percent zinc. And it’s specially formulated to coat dry fertilizer granules for better placement closer to roots, to avoid tie-up in the soil and to be highly available to plants.

Shipment of Wolf Trax Zinc DDP is fast and reliable. This is due to the product’s simple-to-transport 20-pound box packaging, domestic manufacturing and ample supply.

“We anticipate Wolf Trax Zinc DDP pricing to remain stable through spring of 2015,” adds Reising. “This helps you sell zinc confidently to your grower customers.”

For more information about Wolf Trax Zinc DDP, click here. To order product today, contact your fertilizer distributor or a Compass Minerals representative.