Hit Refresh on Your Wheat’s Fertilizer Plan

By Wolf Trax

Take your wheat yields to the next level and make the most of your fertilizer investment with these three steps:

Step 1 – Ask for micronutrient analysis with soil test results.

You have to know what’s going on in your soils to know what to apply in your fertilizer blend. Some important micronutrients to monitor are copper, zinc and boron. Here’s why:

  • Copper deficiencies in wheat can reduce seed set, hurting your yields. And because copper is a vital component of lignin, which helps fight disease, a lack of copper can result in more disease pressure.

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Wolf Trax® Copper DDP® (left) helped this wheat seedling avoid early-season nutrient stress.

Check your soil’s nutrient status before you plant, so your pre-plant or at-plant fertilizer can provide the nutrients your crop will need.

 Step 2 – Be proactive and add micronutrients to your soil applications.

Nutrient stress hurts yields. It doesn’t matter if the deficiency is nitrogen, zinc, copper or some other nutrient.

By including needed micronutrients in a soil application, you can be proactive and address your crop’s nutrient needs before symptoms of deficiency (and lost yield) occur. Avoiding an expensive foliar application of copper is a good economical choice, too.

Step 3 – Choose the right micronutrient fertilizer products.

Wolf Trax DDP nutrients are recognized by fertilizer retailers and growers around the world as doing a better job of delivering essential macro and micronutrients than traditional granular fertilizers. Formulated as a Dry Dispersible Powder (DDP) and designed to coat onto dry fertilizer blends, Wolf Trax DDP nutrients use patented technologies to provide improved nutrient availability to plants:

  • EvenCoat® Technology uniformly coats DDP nutrients onto every granule of a fertilizer blend for blanket-like coverage of the nutrient(s) across a field. Young plant roots are able to access nutrients easier and earlier – every time they find an N, P, K or S granule.
  • PlantActiv™ Formulation is designed both physically and chemically to remain plant-available. The DDP fertilizer particle size is more readily available for plant uptake, and each DDP nutrient contains at least two forms of the mineral to deliver the nutrients crops need to perform at their peak.

Choose one or more nutrients from the entire DDP product line to create a custom blend specific to your field’s needs. Wolf Trax DDP nutrients simply fertility management, maximize fertilizer investment, and can help your wheat crop get off to the strong start it needs.

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