Growing Forward Guarantee

With the industry-leading Growing Forward® Guarantee, Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients are guaranteed to correct a deficiency when applied at the recommended rates, or product will be provided at no cost.

To process this guarantee, provide the following:

  • Bill of sale for the product
  • Number of affected acres
  • Copy of application recommendations (soil or tissue tests) by an accredited third party laboratory or a Compass Minerals representative
  • Record of the following: Application date, Wolf Trax DDP Nutrient(s) used, Wolf Trax DDP Nutrient rate per acre (hectare), application rate of dry fertilizer, types of fertilizer in blend, application type (examples: spreader, airflow machine, spray application, airplane, etc.), and list any other products being used in the application
  • An untreated check strip in the same field to compare tissue results
  • Tissue samples taken from both the check strip and the field within five weeks of soil application, or up to 21 days after foliar application, which show an in-season plant tissue deficiency of that specific nutrient in the treated area
  • Once this documentation has been collected, contact your Compass Minerals representative for verification, who will work with you to analyze the documentation, verify the tissue results, and provide a technical recommendation to correct the nutrient deficiency
  • Compass Minerals will then work with your retailer to supply you with enough product to over-spray the affected area in-season at no cost


The Growing Forward Guarantee allows you to minimize your risk, and make the most of your fertilizer investment.