Equipment Solutions Make Selling Ideal Micronutrient Distribution a No-Brainer for Fertilizer Retailers

By Wolf Trax

Adding Wolf Trax® DDP® nutrients to your fertilizer blends has never been easier. Keeping fertilizer blenders running at top speed during busy times is important to provide the best service possible and maximize sales. That’s why Compass Minerals is committed to providing equipment solutions that:

  • Improve dust control
  • Allow for customized blends
  • Make storage flexible
  • Improve your operational efficiency

Better Customer Service with Better Micronutrient Technology 

Featuring EvenCoat® Technology, Wolf Trax products uniformly coat onto macro fertilizer granules. By coating every granule in a fertilizer blend, Wolf Trax DDP nutrients deliver an even distribution of micronutrient(s) across a field, giving plants easier and earlier access to the nutrition they need.

Fertilizer Blender Equipment for Any Facility 

With many customizable equipment options, Compass Minerals works with blending facilities of all sizes to make blending easy, quick and efficient. All equipment systems include components to improve the two main required actions:

  1. Dispensing an accurate amount of Wolf Trax DDP nutrients in a closed system
  2. Conveying the Wolf Trax DDP nutrients into the fertilizer blender

Drum Packaging for Faster Operations and Less Handling

Wolf Trax DDP nutrients are available in waterproof drums that can be stored outside and save storage space (view video). Depending on the Wolf Trax product, drums vary in weight from 265 to 425 pounds.

Ideal for batch blending facilities, drums make faster blending possible for most locations. Coupled with a dispenser, the drums create a closed system that reduces dust and labor. This drum + dispenser system is the primary blending solution for most retail facilities.

To see how the drums and dispensers work, view this video.

Hands-Free Handling Solutions for Floor-Mounted Fertilizer Blenders

At this featured location – as with most fertilizer blending plants – the goal was to make the blending process as efficient and fast as possible to maximize the number of loads leaving the plant every day:

Handling Solutions for Rotary Fertilizer Blenders

Drums and dispensers are great tools to create closed systems for rotary blenders, too. At this blending facility, Compass Minerals provided Manual Dispensers. After reviewing the blend sheet, operators simply crank out the correct amount of each Wolf Trax DDP nutrient. Then after the bulk fertilizer has been added to the blender system, operators add the Wolf Trax products at the conveyor belt.

The improved work flow is aided by the addition of equipment components that help control fertilizer dust. These equipment components include:

  • Conveyor belt hood
  • Blender hood
  • Vacuum at the blender opening

For more information on controlling fertilizer dust in rotary blender systems, view this short video.

Depending on the size of the location’s business and configuration of the fertilizer plant, Compass Minerals may recommend installing a Remote Start Dispenser(s). With just one touch of a button on a key fob in the loader, the Remote Start Dispenser(s) meters out the accurate amount of Wolf Trax products directly onto a loader bucket full of bulk fertilizer or into a conveyor that would transport the Wolf Trax products to the rotary blender.

To see how the Remote Start Dispenser works, view this video.

Handling Solutions for In-Line and Tower Fertilizer Blenders

Compass Minerals has also installed successful equipment solutions for in-line and tower fertilizer blender plants. All major fertilizer blender manufacturers of in-line set-ups – including A.J. Sackett, RanCan, Ranco and Yargus – build a feeder designed for Wolf Trax products.

Depending on the technological sophistication and layout of a facility with a tower blender, various levels of automation are available with the Wolf Trax equipment solutions. All of the systems for tower blenders include:

  1. A dispenser (manual or automated) for dispensing
  2. A microcharger or conveyor for conveying, including options for high-speed blenders

The systems for adding Wolf Trax products to tower blenders work within standard blending times, including the fast-paced Sackett HIM Mixer.

Ask us about Wolf Trax DDP nutrients and the right equipment solutions for your fertilizer blender plant.


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