Compass Minerals Expands Trial Work for Wolf Trax Innovative Nutrients in the U.S. and Around the Globe

By Wolf Trax

Fertilizer manufacturer Compass Minerals continues to expand the evaluation program for its Wolf Trax micronutrient fertilizer products. Mostly conducted by third-party agricultural researchers, recent trials have showcased:

1) The need for micronutrient fertilizers by a multitude of crops on all types of soils around the globe
2) The superior performance of Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients compared to other micronutrient fertilizer products.

A tour of recent trials demonstrates the fertilizer manufacturer’s commitment to being the global leader in specialty plant nutrition:
Alfalfa, corn, potatoes and soybeans in the U.S.
• Bananas, coffee, potatoes, and rice in Nicaragua
• Barley in England
• Wheat in Australia

Barley field plots in Yorkshire England (3)

“Compass Minerals is expanding its reach globally with product work ongoing in several countries,” says Kent Lambden, the company’s director of international business development. “Product evaluation on multiple continents not only provides an integral part of the product development process, but it also expands the exposure Compass Minerals has to the global fertilizer markets.”

Trial Findings
United States: Third-party trials have confirmed what customers have experienced and what company trials have shown for a decade: Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients deliver early nutrition. Access to key nutrients early minimizes crop stress and maximizes yields and crop quality.
Nicaragua: Trials prove the performance of the unique Wolf Trax micronutrient fertilizer products in challenging tropical soils. Multiple micronutrients were tested in each trial, and Wolf Trax products were compared with other, traditional micronutrient fertilizers.
United Kingdom: Soil applications of Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients proved to be a better nutritional approach than traditional foliar applications.
Australia: Trials proved that DDP Nutrients offer a competitive advantage to traditional granular options.

Potato research plots in Matagalpa Nicaragua (3)

In general, Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients out-performed the growers’ standard granular micronutrients in crop yield and/or marketability. Because Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients are applied as a fertilizer coating at lower rates than traditional granular micronutrients, retailers and farmers can also benefit from handling less volume of micronutrient products when they use DDP technology.

You can download a Field Insights technical document for each trial on the Agronomic Resources page of the Wolf Trax website.

Look forward to seeing more trial updates from the 2016 season. Trials are underway in the U.S., South Africa and more agricultural regions around the globe.

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