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When to Apply Boron Fertilizer Products on Alfalfa Fields

When is the right time to apply boron fertilizer?  Many alfalfa fertilizer recommendations include boron. Watch this short video presentation from Compass Minerals for a quick overview on: Why is... Read More

Better Potato Fertilizers from Compass Minerals

Fertilizing Potatoes with Proven Products from Compass Minerals Potatoes have high nutrient requirements. Choosing the right fertilizer products will help ensure proper nutrition when it’s needed. And... Read More

Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients Improve Potato Yield, Quality and Return

The Importance of Micronutrients to Potato Fertilizer Potatoes have high nutrient requirements. And because they are often planted into coarsely textured soils, potatoes can be prone to micronutrient... Read More

Zinc Fertilizer Tips for Corn

The Value of Zinc to Your Corn Crop When commodity prices are low, it might be tempting to cut back. But cutting back on zinc can be costly. Zinc is important for early root development, crop health and... Read More

Upcoming Potato Fertilizer Webinar on Micronutrients

Join a FREE Spudman webinar, “Understanding the Right Micronutrient Tools for Potatoes” on Wednesday, Dec. 7 at noon MT. Potatoes have high nutrient requirements. And because they are often planted... Read More

Global Fertilizer Day Celebrates Fertilizer’s Role in Feeding the World

We recognize the need to educate people on the enormous impact fertilizers have on sustaining world food production. This year, for the first time ever, the fertilizer industry will be celebrating Global... Read More

Could your Soybeans Yield More with Manganese and Iron Fertilizer?

There are two micronutrient issues that farmers should consider when getting ready to order soybean fertilizer: 1. Iron chlorosis in soybeans. Northern soybean farmers know iron chlorosis too well, particularly... Read More

Put Zinc Where Rice Plants Can Find It

Act Early and Know if Your Fields Need Zinc Zinc deficiencies in U.S. rice production have been well documented. To save yield through better fertilizer management in rice, it’s important to take pre-season... Read More

The Right Micronutrients for Your Potato Fertilizer Plan

Soils in most potato-growing regions have needs for micronutrient fertilizer applications. Understanding which micronutrient fertilizer sources can provide the nutrition a crop needs – when it’s needed... Read More

Remote Start System Makes Blending with Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients Faster and Easier

Fertilizer handling equipment developed by Compass Minerals makes blending easier and faster for facilities working with Wolf Trax® DDP® nutrients. The Remote Start Dispensing System combines multiple... Read More