When to Apply Boron Fertilizer Products on Alfalfa Fields

By Wolf Trax

When is the right time to apply boron fertilizer? 

Many alfalfa fertilizer recommendations include boron. Watch this short video presentation from Compass Minerals for a quick overview on:

  • Why is boron important for alfalfa
  • When should growers consider applying boron fertilizer products to alfalfa fields

There are two times of the season when boron applications can be most beneficial to an alfalfa stand:

  • After the first cutting to ensure there is enough boron to reach good yields and feed quality for the rest of the season’s cuttings
  • After the last cutting to help ensure a healthy alfalfa stand in the fall that is more resilient to winter injury – and to ensure a better start next spring


What’s the best boron fertilizer product for alfalfa? 

By coating each granule in the dry fertilizer blend, Wolf Trax Boron DDP® delivers a safe and even application of the micronutrient across the field. With more points of interception, alfalfa plants can more readily access the nutrient for quicker uptake.

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The benefits of using Wolf Trax Boron DDP instead of a granular micronutrient have been shown in third-party studies that evaluated yield and relative feed value.


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